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Balasore is famous for its forests and mines.This district is noted for the river Buhdabalanga and 3,824 feet high mountain Mahagiri . It is also bestowed with the Chandipur sea Beach and Subarnarekha irrigation project. Balasore is appreciated for its salt, Brass utensils, stone and clay works. Ayodhya, Balaramgadi, Bardhanpur, Bhusandeswar, Chandaneswar, Chandipur, Kasaphal, Langaleswar, Laxmannath, Panchalingeswar, Raibania, Remuna, Sajanagarh, Talasari, Tripisagadia and Kupari are some of the places of tourist interest.

Balasore is one of the coastal district of Orissa,lies on the northern most part of the state having 21 degree 03' to 21 degree 59' North Latitude & 86 degree 20' to 87 degree 29' East Longitude. Geographical area of the district is 36, 34 Sqr. KM. Midnapore district of West Bengal is in its North, the Bay of Bengal is on the east and Bhadrak district lies on the South whereas Mayurbhanj and Kendujhar districts are on its western side. As per the 2001 Census, the population is 20,23,000 comprising 10,38,000 males and 9,85,000 females. The climate of Balasore district is mostly hot and humid. The hot season starts from March till May and followed by rainy season from June to September. During this period, south-west monsoon causes maximum rain. But the district experiences highest rain fall during July and August. Because of its strategic location, this district faces most of the cyclonic storm and depression which is raised from the Bay of Bengal. The cold season from December to February is very pleasant. The average temperature of the district varies between 22*C to 32*C and the average rain fall is 1583 mm.

Important Places

Remuna : Situated at a distance of 8 km from Balasore.It is famous for khirachora Gopinath Temple.

Chandipur : Chandipur is a peaceful sea side resort where the sea and proceed 5 km everyday -16 km from Balasore.Other places of tourist interest around Balasore are Remuna , Panchalingeswar, Aradi and Chandaneswar.

Panchalingeswar : It is situated on a hillock at a distance of 40 km from Balasore. It is the seat of Lingam, known as Panchalingaswar with the perennial spring flowing over them are the added attraction of this place.

Chandaneswara : It is situated at distance of 88 km from Balasore .This religious center is famous for the Temple of Lord Chandaneswar.

Raibania : This picnic spot is situated at distance of 75 km from Balasore.It is a historical place and the visitors can see the ruins of Raibania forts.

Digha : The tourist can see the lonely sea and the charming beach found here.It is the border place of Westbengal and Orissa.




1. Bhogarai
2. Simulia
3. Balasore sadar
4. Khaira
5. Soro
6. Bahanaga
7. Remuna
8. Baliapal
9. Jaleswar
10. Nilgiri

11. Nilgiri sadar  

1. Baleswar
2. Busta
3. Nilgiri
4. Jaleswar
5. Soro


Balasore Education

Balasore is the education hub of Northern Odisha with many Engineering Schools and the famous Fakir Mohan University, named after the renowned novelist Fakir Mohan Senapati, who hails from this town of Odisha.

Engineering college

Balasore school of engineering
Ramarani Institute of Technology
Balasore College of Engineering and Technology
Satya sai engineering college
Modern engineering & management studies
Srinix engineering college
Vijyanjali college of engineering

Colleges and universities

Balasore Law College
Nilakantheswar Mahavidyalaya
Balasore Mahavidyalaya, sovarampur
Balangi Mahavidyalaya, sunhat
Global Institute of Information Technology(GIIT)
Chandaneswar Collage
SriRam Chandra Sanskrit College - Bateswar
Fakir Mohan College
Dina Krushna College-Jaleswar
Dina Krushna College-Jaleswar


Christian High School
St. Vincent's Convent School
Balasore Zilla High School
DAV Public School
Public High School
Balasore Police High School
Town High School
Kendriya Vidyalaya Balasore
SriRam Chandra Sanskrit School - Bateswar
St. Vincent's Convent School
Maharshi Vidya Mandir
Sovarampur High School
Modern Public School
Modern Industrial Training Center, Sunhat
Sahada High School, Sahada
Remuna High School, Remuna
Remuna Govt. Girls High School
Durgadevi High School, Durgadevi
Bhimeswar High School, Bhimeswar
Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir, REMUNA
Heritage Public School
sardhapur High School.
Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir,MITRAPUR
Das industrial Training Centre


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@abinashgThanks for posting the photo Tamás! Let us know what you think about the book's content! #smbook About a Minute Ago

@abinashgThanks for posting the photo Tamás! Let us know what you think about the book's content! #smbook About a Minute Ago

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